Cool Down

Relieve stress with colorful creativity.

Our environmentally friendly
"Cool Down" coloring books offer the widest range of subjects:
Lifestyle, nature, people, fashion, the most beautiful cities in the world and learning new languages.

Digital templates to print out at home

All of our books are available in our Etsy shop as inexpensive downloads (PDF) to print out at home.

Standard, XL 100 und Color

To protect the environment and avoid mass production, our coloring books are only made on demand. They are available as a standard (EUR 6.99), XL 100 (only EUR 9.99) and color version, with full-page color templates (from EUR 19.99).

Accessoires & Fashion

In our Etsy shop we offer handmade products with motifs by Jeremy Sketch for individual coloring.

The great XL 100 edition!

Unlock a world of limitless painting pleasure with an unbeatable offer! Say hello to unbelievable 100 motifs for an incredible price. For only 9.99, a little more of the standard edition's price (6.99), you can indulge in over three times as many motifs that will keep your creative juices flowing endlessly.

 ​Click here for XL 100 editions!

We Relax With Cool Down

I love the new girl themes!

Carolin, 16

The meerkats have done it to me.

Jessie, 21

Yoga girls and anything related to meditation makes me happy.

Laura, 23

I love the most beautiful cities and the themes of Jeremy Sketch.

Claudia, 44

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